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The House of Dreams

The House of Dreams The house of dreams is a place we seek that also seeks us. Once you step inside, you won’t want to leave—but know there is no returning. Fear is the main reason most people won’t arrive there. They don’t believe that they can. You will know
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The Word I Don’t Use Anymore

Published as an Op-ed in the Toronto Star, Saturday, February 24th, 2024: “One Commonly Used Word We Need to Release into the Abyss of History” Twenty years ago, the ‘R’ word (“retard”) was used prolifically on school playgrounds, on the radio in people’s homes, and even during work meetings.
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52 Writing Prompts

In 2023, I decided to offer up one little nugget of inspiration for writers per week (at LEAST) in the form of a writing prompt. Here they are. Numbers 1 to 52 for each week of the year. I hope you find some inspiration and write on! 1. Write about
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The girls’ school photos came home in their backpacks. My oldest has a closed-mouth smile, she’s wearing her navy school uniform sweatshirt and has her hair pulled back so that it appears she only has poofy bangs, nothing else. She says she likes her picture, that this year’s school photo
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